Thursday, July 17, 2008

Martha Stewart for the Rest of Us!

OK, I know some people hate Wal-Mart. That is cool - its America so you can choose where you shop. I do shop at my local Super W-M, though. Its like 5 minutes away so its dern convenient and I will still have money to get to work after I buy my groceries. Anyway ... over the past several weeks, I have noticed the scrapbooking section getting torn down and clearanced. Kinda sad ... I didn't like all the stuff they had there, but there were some things that were cool. Today, I walked in and my jaw dropped! They had redone the whole section and its full of - get this - Martha Stewart crafts! Now these are two companies I didn't think would join forces, but then again, W-M is a giant retailer! I have a Michaels, but its kind of a commute from my house. And obviously, some of the products are different and its a different MS brand, but there are some pretty nice things in there - including punches! I starred for a few minutes and eyed the bling - pearls, rhinestones, and more! (A lot of it is wedding favor stuff.) I settled on these stickers for now ... I am thinking simple, but beautiful cards!

Anyway ... back to work ... I mailed 6 orders out today and have some more chores to do before this evening!

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