Monday, June 15, 2009

My New Button Storage

Hi again! I had to make a run to Joann's for some fabric supplies and I found these great storage containers on sale. They were about $2 bucks and I got two of them. They are meant to hold jewelry making supplies, but I knew they had potential for my button collection from PTI. I wrote the button color on some file folder labels and trimmed them down and stuck them inside each container partition before dumping the buttons in. I really love them all displayed like this instead of a mound of bags on my desk! :-) Here's a shot of the container closed and then one open so you can see all those pretty buttons!


Jennifer said...

Love your storage for the PTI buttons!!

Sara Paschal said...

Great storage, gotta love those PTI buttons. You have a ton of them girl ;)

Banu said...

Very nice storage.....:)