Thursday, May 28, 2009

Add it to the list ...

Hey there folks! I stumbled upon a Sew Along on the Old Red Barn Co blog. Crazy me, I pulled out some fabrics, sliced and diced and am ready to see what to do next in week 3. As if I didn't have anything else to do! :-)

Here's a picture of the fabrics I will be using. I still need to choose 3 more fabrics and chop them up - but I am having trouble deciding at the current moment. :-) Maybe I will have to venture to a local quilt shop ... oh darn! LOL
Anyway, I will post my progress as we go along. I think it's a 6 week program. Seems doable and there's prizes to be won.

Have a great day and happy almost TGIF!

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Anonymous said...

I Love your fabrics, I'm thinking of doing the quilt along too. It would be my first quilt along and your color scheme is exactly what I was thinking of doing. I can't wait to see progress pictures!