Thursday, April 8, 2010

Iguana Sew Some More ...

Hi - happy almost Friday! :-) Love Fridays ... especially on the first week back from Spring Break. But I am not here to chat about my crazy week at school ... I am here to share some stinkin' cute fabric! :-)

One of my buds from college likes to get Bibles engraved for her kids and nieces & nephews to celebrate the baby dedications and she always asks me to make a cover for them. This time, it was for a boy so I knew I couldn't use any of the hoards of pink fabrics in my stash. (And by the way ... enough with everyone having a BOY! Almost every pregnant friend I have is having or just recently had a boy. I guess I will have to buy more fabric! LOL)I was going to use a different fabric, but was then inspired by the iguanas on the actual Bible itself, being an Adventure Bible and all. So I decided to finally use this cutie tootie fabric. The design just kind of happened as I went along, but I was digging it ... especially in real life. I wish had gotten a better photo, but I had to give it away tonight so there wasn't much time. Hopefully the youngin' will love it as he gets older.

Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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Amy said...

Super cute! That fabric is perfect for a boy!